CCTA Wakeup Call

Wakeup 07-30-17

We touched on the fact that we’re still stuck with ObamaCare so far in spite of all the promises made during campaigns. 

We discussed the 3 town hall meetings held by NC House member, Michael Speciale (one in each county he represents – Pamlico, Beaufort, and Craven). 

Hal talked about CCTA’s efforts to cross-pollinate and work with people in many coastal counties (plus a few inland counties where we have friends), and how boards of commissioners seem to do the same kinds of bad things in every county, and what kinds of questions need to be asked and answered to evaluate a county’s financial situation and it’s reasonableness, or lack thereof.

We moved on to people’s being fed up with things going the way they are and being serious about wanting the swamp drained.

Then Rick moved us into what CCTA does, and watchdog activities, candidate vetting, legislative action, self education and 5,000 Year Leap classes and willingness to help start them in any nearby area, plus public meetings with speakers were discussed.

We briefly discussed Amendment VI to the U.S. Constitution.

Then we talked about our August 15 speaker, Simon Roche.  Simon is from South Africa and is currently touring the U.S.  He’ll tell us about what has happened there since apartheid ended, and draw parallels with things that are happening here.  I expect it’ll open some eyes.


Brought to you by Rick Hopkins of CCTA Wakeup Call